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Museum Renamed the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries

January 16, 2010

Mrs. Bazy Tankersley is known for many things relating to the Arabian horse: lifetime breeder and owner of Arabian horses (breeder of over 2,100 foals—more than anyone else in the world); perpetrator of Arabian horse education and history (founded the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation); and founding owner of the acclaimed and historic Al-Marah Arabians. When the Arabian Horse Galleries became a reality, Mrs. Tankersley quietly but quickly offered her support, understanding the full magnitude this meant to the future of the Arabian horse by the millions of visitors each year that walk through the Kentucky Horse Park’s doors. “There aren’t many people in life that have such a high level of conviction and love for something that they’re willing to do what Bazy did,” says Bob Fauls, chairman of the Arabian Horse Galleries. “She’s loved this horse all her life and wants the qualities of the Arabian horse to be appreciated. She has provided critical support for this project.” In appreciation of Mrs. Tankersley’s generosity, the Arabian Horse Galleries will bare the name of her ranch, Al-Marah, meaning ‘the oasis’ in Arabic. Hereafter, the Galleries will be renamed the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries, a recognition which Mrs. Tankersley did not seek. Less concerned with credit and more concerned with educating the general public about Arabians, Mrs. Tankersley and the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation consider the Arabian Horse Galleries an extremely important project in keeping the legacy of the Arabian horse alive and well.

The Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries will open June 12, 2010.

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