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Endurance Icon Treasured Moments Awarded Prestigious 2024 WAHO Trophy for USA

As the American registering authority for the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO), the Purebred Arabian Trust (PAT) is proud to announce that it has awarded the 2024 WAHO Trophy to the purebred Arabian mare and endurance racing icon, Treasured Moments. The fourteen-year-old mare by legendary race sire, DA Adios+ and out of Hidden Treasure, was bred by the Alan Kirshner and Deborah Mihaloff’s notable Cre Run Farm in Doswell, Virginia, and is proudly owned by Heather and Jeremy Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida.

“Treasure,” as she is referred to in the barn, began her career in 2014 on the racetrack wearing the recognizable colors of Cre Run, one of the world’s most prominent breeding programs for Arabian racehorses. (Cre Run is the only program in the world to have bred a horse that has won three million-dollar races in the span of one calendar year, as an example.) Treasure ran seven times as a four-year-old, with one first and three seconds and earnings of $11,315.

In November 2014, she caught the professional eye of Heather and Jeremy Reynolds, avid endurance riders at the top levels of the sport, and Treasure exchanged her racetrack life for the world of endurance.

Since then, the celebrated pair have recorded over 3,000 competition miles and countless wins together, including two Tevis Cups, one Haggin Cup, and the 2021 Italian Championships, which marked the first time an American horse has won overseas since the 90s. Treasured Moments is also a recipient of the Robie Cup, a medallion that is issued to horses upon the completion of five Tevis Cups. The medallion’s equine figurehead is Wendell Robie’s mare, a paternal great granddam to Treasured Moments.

Additionally, Jeremy and Treasure incorporated a new dynamic in 2023 – competing bridleless. In fact, the two won the 2023 Tevis Cup in an incredible 15 hours and 14 minutes, and they did it minus a bridle. It was a poignant image that spoke to their profound partnership.

The WAHO Trophy program was initiated in 2005. Each worldwide registering authority of WAHO is granted the ability to choose its respected trophy recipients. Trophies are not necessarily awarded annually and are given out at the discretion of each country. Requirements for trophy recipients include:

  • The horse must be living, not deceased.

  • The horse must be bred and still registered as a purebred Arabian in the country of its designated authority.

  • The horse must have reached a significant level of achievement as deemed by its designated authority.

  • The horse must, in some way, achieved excellence as a breed ambassador or, in the case of older horses, has achieved the same through its immediate progeny.

Only five WAHO Trophies have been awarded in the United States prior to Treasure Moments. One of those five recipients is her sire, Darley Horse of the Year, DA Adios+ – also bred by Cre Run Farm.

“We are so proud that Treasured Moments is being given this award,” said Deborah Mihaloff of Cre Run Farm. “Treasured Moments is only the sixth horse to receive this award in the United States. To think that one of the six is her sire, DA Adios+ (that we raised and raced) makes it extra special. Treasure could not have achieved the levels she did had it not been for her owner, rider, and partner, Jeremy Reynolds. They are truly one. She could not be loved more. And that is a breeder’s only wish.”

Bob Fauls, chairman of the Purebred Arabian Trust, concurs.

“The PAT is supportive of all disciplines associated with the purebred Arabian horse,” he said. “South America, the Middle East, Europe…. We’ve had the tremendous opportunity to travel the world and see endurance horses perform. Of all the disciplines, the Arabian horse is king in endurance, and yet it often receives so little recognition. Because of that, it was a great honor for us to be able to recognize this particular horse and its owners. Treasured Moments is one of the most recognizable endurance competitors in the world, both inside and outside the endurance community. The fact that she now joins her sire, DA Adios+, as one of the few recipients of the WAHO Trophy, makes it additionally sweet. The board of the Purebred Arabian Trust heartily extends its congratulations to Treasured Moments and her team from birth to present on this most deserving award.”

“Treasure never ceases to amaze us,” said Jeremy Reynolds. “The first time I met her, it was love at first sight. She loves competing. I feel honored to have such a horse in my life. I wish everyone could have an Arabian Treasure like her.”

Treasured Moments and Jeremy Reynolds were presented with the 2024 WAHO Trophy by Bob Fauls and PAT Vice President, Howard Pike, on January 7, 2024, at the Reynolds’ Florida home. The horse-and-rider pair continue to actively compete and are pointing their efforts to the 2024 FEI Endurance World Championship this September in Monpazier, France.

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