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Happy 10th Birthday to the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries!

June 12, 2020

Ten years ago today, a journey was completed. Ten years ago today, a history was preserved. Ten years ago today, a legacy was honored. The Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries opened its doors for the very first time ten years ago today on a hot June Kentucky day. We had two large swamp coolers working desperately to overcome the sweltering heat in a tent that was to hold TWO groups of sold out guests to the anticipated Opening Ceremonies event. But it didn’t dampen any spirits that day. Because that day belonged to the Arabian horse. The Arabian horse has experienced a long line of caretakers spanning centuries of human history. The opening of this museum was significant on this historical timeline because it marked OUR collective chapter in its sacred story. It reflects not only the mission of the PAT, but of every dollar, donated artifact, and hour spent from those in our community who made this a reality so that, now ten years later, millions have experienced this horse like never before. And, especially in our world today, that is surely something to celebrate.

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